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Frequently Asked Question
What is considered long distance for a moving company?
For most moving companies, long distance moves are typically those that involve a distance of more than 100 miles between the origin and the destination. However, this distance may vary depending on the specific moving company and their policies. It's best to consult with the moving company to determine their definition of long distance.
How should I prepare for a moving estimate?
To prepare for a moving estimate, make a list of all items you plan to move, including their size and weight. Be ready to provide details about any special requirements, such as packing or storage needs.
What to expect on moving day with movers?
On moving day, expect the movers to arrive at the scheduled time, conduct a walkthrough of your home, and start loading the truck with your belongings. They will transport your items to your new home and unload them, placing them in the designated rooms. You will need to sign off on the inventory list and pay the remaining balance.
What is the most efficient way to move?
The most efficient way to move is to plan ahead, declutter and get rid of unnecessary items, pack efficiently and strategically, label boxes, hire a reputable moving company, and communicate effectively with your movers. Additionally, it's important to have a clear understanding of the moving process and to stay organized throughout the move.